REWARD: Missing – Two RBI’s

Perez, Audry 71110-009(Janes).jpg

Strange thing happened to Batavia Muckdogs catcher Audry Perez (above) on the ride home from division foe Auburn on Thursday night, apparently the bus driver took a hard turn leaving town and two of his RBI’s from the nights 8-3 victory fell off along the way.  

In the 5th inning the St. Louis Cardinals prospect hit a fly ball to left field where Auburn outfielder Yeico Aponte lost the ball in the deep sky, letting it drop at least 10 feet away, which in turn allowed Colin Walsh and Nick Longmire to score on the play.  Initially for those of us following along online and on the radio it was scored a hit with two RBI’s.  The final box score gave Perez 5 RBI’s on the night….until Friday when it was changed to 3 RBI’s.  
Official rules state an error can be given on a fly ball when the fielder does not touch the ball, as long as“the fielder could have handled the ball with ordinary effort”.  

The question then becomes, what is ordinary effort?  

No fear, the rules state it “is the effort that a fielder of average skill at a position in that league or classification of leagues should exhibit on a play, with due consideration given to the condition of the field and weather conditions.”

So, with these definitions a fielder losing the ball in a deep sky should classify as weather conditions, after all he was giving an effort to catch the ball and just lost it in the sky – similar to Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner who had the same thing happen during his at bat, except he was awarded an in the park home run.

The official scorer thought it was a hit…or so he thought.  

Somewhere in the hours following the game the scoring was changed, and from all accounts from those that made the trip to Auburn for the game, it was an unjust change in the statistics.  By giving Aponte the error they are officially saying he did not make an effort to catch the ball, as per the definitions.  

This is the second case for a Batavia player to lose out with a change, with the first instance being a hit.  During the Tri-City series Batavia’s Jonathan Rodriguez legged out an infield single and advanced on a throwing error.  During the game he was awarded a hit, however, after the game the ruling was changed to an error and Rodriguez hit was erased.  

There has been no explanation of where the hit and RBI’s went or why the scoring change occurred.  The Muckdogs can, and should, ask for clarification from the MiLB stats team so that it’s clear as to why Perez was stripped of a hit and 2 RBI’s on the ride home…

…or of course return them to their rightful owner.

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