Spring Training winding down…

It’s going on week six of Spring Training and there have been over 60 teams covered in collegiate and professional baseball over that span, with still at least a week to go!  So far in post only a small percentage has been put online and things have gotten behind a good amount with no end in site so this post will be short and sweet!  

An extremely slow internet connection dragging tasks out along with a non-stop schedule have made this spring interesting.  The shooting aspect has been great, the colleges could not have been better, along with seeing those I get to see in the regular season down here has made it all worth it.  Put on top of being able to shoot along side some of my favorite photographers at some games/photo days in David Schofield and Tom DiPace it’s been a great time!  Both of them are reasons I got into photography some 12 years ago now.  I got to meet David my first year with the Batavia Muckdogs and he gave some great advice to a newbie, while Tom’s images in USA Today and several other publications were always an inspiration. 

Only problem is falling behind, so next year will make some changes and see if that can improve post time.  I knew before coming down things would be difficult and build up, however, even the priority games post work that needed to be done immediately dragged out a bit longer than expected for several reasons.  Hopefully a few changes will speed that up next year and be able to deliver quicker and leave some time to relax as well, which have yet to do this spring working almost all hours of the day, every day, in catch up mode.  Of course though would rather be busy than not! 

Randomly pulled some images with the who, what, where’s below…

Castro, Julian 31310-065(Janes).JPG

Long Island Blackbirds right fielder Julian Castro attempts a diving catch.
Lake Myrtle Park in Auburndale, FL (outside Lakeland) 

Hackett, Mike 32110-0001(Janes).JPGGenesee Community College pitcher Mike Hackett delivers a pitch.
Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL – former home of the LA Dodgers

LI 32210-0090(Janes).JPG

Former Indians/Mets organization pitcher Jim Ed Warden delivers a pitch
while playing for the Long Island Storm, an independent league travel team.
Warden and others will start with the indie leagues this year and look to
get picked up, the way several of them played/pitched there is good
opportunity for that to happen, hopefully not too long into the season!

MINYM 32110-0060(Janes).JPG

Comedian/Actor Jerry Seinfeld was on hand at some Mets games with
his family.  There was no sign of George, Elaine, or Kramer.  However,
the Soup Nazi did make several appearances over the loud speaker.

MINYM 32110-0571(Janes).JPG

NY Mets David Wright gets fully extended while playing an exhibition game
vs. the Michigan Wolverines in Port St. Lucie, FL at Tradition Field.

STL 31910-0680(Janes).JPG

Former Batavia Muckdog Colt Sedbrook getting extended on a hit
during an intrasquad scrimmage in Jupiter, FL

WAS 32210-0364(Janes).JPG

Derek Norris sliding in during a game vs. Houston, he was safe on the play.

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