Back to baseball, waiting for regulation!

After a break from baseball for at least one night at the Dropkick Murphys show it was back to baseball, and since I have yet to create an entry focusing on the game it’s due time.  Yesterday was a college game with Central Michigan visiting Central Florida.  CMU came out on top by the score of 7-4 with the last inning a bit of a nail biter.  Today was back to professional baseball with the Twins playing the Orioles, who are now making their home in Sarasota after a move from Ft. Lauderdale.

For those that don’t know the Reds left Sarasota to a new home in Arizona for several reasons including the lack of updates to the stadium.  Well, for photographers a badly needed update is due in the construction of a photo well, any photo well!  The last photo in series below shows how photographers are situated on the field with no protection.  The dugouts are unprotected just the same leaving players in harms way as well.  Players for the most part are paying attention to every pitch, but not always considering the happenings going on around them at modern day games that provide a much different atmosphere than twenty years ago.  Photographers on the other hand could be focusing anywhere on the field to get the shot to do their job and not watching the ball every pitch leaving them unaware if a ball or bat is screaming towards them.  I cannot count how many close calls I see a season from either a photographer shooting the opposite direction or simply not paying attention.  You hear it on TV watching the games with announcers joking about how a screamer sends the dugout or photographers scurrying but one of these times may not be so funny. 

The tragic death of Mike Coolbaugh should have served more of a lesson to all teams at every level, but especially professional baseball where players are bigger and stronger than say high school or college.  The question is not if a player on the bench, or a photographer without a well, will get seriously injured, it’s when.  MLB should implement a rule that all dugouts must be protected with fencing like you see throughout most stadiums, and make sure it includes Spring Training sites.  With that dugout fence a photo well of some sort should be placed in each stadium at the end of each dugout, even a cheap make shift one would work better than leaving photographers exposed with nothing to protect them.  Need design ideas?  Ask a photographer, we have plenty!

Onto today’s game…


2009 first round draft pick Brian Matusz makes the start for the Orioles.

BaTw-02.jpgBen Revere of the Twins slides into third safely on a triple.

BaTw-03.jpgBrandon Snyder gets the throw from the pitcher on a pick off attempt.

BaTw-04.jpgFormer first round draft pick Mike Hinckley delivers for the Orioles.

BaTw-05.jpgSteve Singleton turning a double play.

BaTw-06.jpgPhotographers are left without a photo pit to shoot from.

All Photos copyright Mike Janes Photography 2010 and cannot
be used without express written permission.  Unauthorized use of
images will be pursued to the highest extent of lickable laws 😛

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